Thursday, February 01, 2007

My New Hero

I say new hero but really, it has been building up to this over the years. Some of my favorite pieces of animation is in Dumbo, more specifically the two scenes with his mother, near the beginning when she is bathing him and later when she is in jail. To me, there is nothing like this in animation. The emotion, and life that is in these scenes, the truth that comes through is so powerful as to cause one to be a at a loss for words.

These scenes, in fact most of the animation of Dumbo, is animated by one man. If that wasn't enough he is also the animator who did the devil on night on bald mountain in fantasia, Stromboli, the giant in mickey and the bean stock and the wizard from Mickey's piece in fantasia, among others.

His name is Vladamir Tytla, though he is more commonly known by Bill Tytla. He is beyond amazing.

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