Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Okay, short post.

Okay boys and girls, I'm gonna try and start a series on my recent line of thinking on what makes art, art. And how one can define it. This is going to be hard cause it's not a straight line that I've gone down and I wasn't smart enough to write things down as I went down that line so allot of it is smashed and mushed together. But let's start at the beginging, again, this will be a short post and I will hopefully keep adding if I ever have time to do so.

Anyways, enough preamble, let's start with what I think todays climate is amongst regualur joes. (this applies to visual art)
1. Art is useless
2. Art is something that hangs on a wall in a gallery.
3. Real art is something that is hard to make and technically strong. Shows the artist's ability to render real life, as if it was a photo.
4. Abstract art is a sham
5. Many think that movies aren't art, as well as music, books, pretty much anything they consume.
6. Art is boring, connected to number 1.
7. "Artist" is both the title of a useless member of society as well as the title of a magician who has some sort of innate skill that one is only born with, and there only a few are born with it.

Now, as much as I'd like to just shout out what I think the answer is, and why things are the way they are and how we can improve them, I think we should first talk a bit about how I came to this still forming conclusion.

First. I have always thought that art was important, I didn't really know why, I knew it made me feel....connected. I knew I liked it. I also knew that some art I liked and some I didn't. Some felt flat, lacked life. It was the stuff that felt alive that I liked. Early on, it was stuff like fantasia, animation, paintings, music and books! Books were probably one of my first loves. Nature as well was always there, this is not a flippant addition either, as we shall, hopefully, see later.

||Sidenote, the reason this jumps all over and isn't completely clear is that it's ||even fuzzier in my head. Hopefully by the end things will make sense and connect.

Interesting thing I think, about art, is that the things that I felt were important were often the things that I felt like I wanted to do. For instance, I always liked games. They were allot of fun. But I never considered making them. Again, they were fun, but they were too closed in, to much of a game. They weren't like animation, they weren't other worlds, they weren't alive. That was, until Mario 64. This game was revelation, they had made another world. I could see the possibilities, games were art. You could make other worlds in them and explore these other worlds and explore them in ways that you couldn't in real life.

There is allot more that I want to say on that subject, because it is very closely related to this whole discussion. But, it is late and I need to get to sleep so, I will leave it here. Some may already know where I am going with this, there are enough hints I think that you may be able to figure it out but, yeah, I will see all your smiling faces later.